Getting a puppy for Christmas

02 December 2013

Getting a puppy for Christmas

If you are planning a puppy for Christmas please remember the well-known phrase – A Dog is for life not just for Christmas.

Please, please don’t buy from someone without first seeing the mother in their home environment otherwise you could be buying from a puppy farm.

The puppy’s mother will quite likely be living in squalid conditions with minimal care, expected to produce puppies as a cash crop with no thought for their emotional wellbeing. The mother will be undernourished and living under extreme stress. Her puppies will be taken from her and sold on to dealers and pet shops usually before they are ready. If you are lucky you may get a nice dog but quite often due to their poor start in life these dogs go on to develop health problems or behavioural problems which will cost you a lot of money and heart ache.

Please do your research and don’t be conned by people selling puppies from their homes even if they seem very nice! Ask a lot of questions. Trust your instincts if something doesn’t seem right don’t buy. It does require a logical thought process so don’t buy on impulse because you feel sorry for the puppy. Best to phone around before you go and see a litter. Never meet someone and collect your puppy from a lay bye. Always see the puppy in its home and meet the mother dog.

If you are planning a puppy as a surprise for someone make sure they really want the full time commitment of a puppy. Also the breed you are buying is going to fit in with their circumstances and lifestyle. Surprises need to be pleasant ones!!

If you have done your homework. You have found a reputable breeder. The breed is going to suit your lifestyle (or the person you are buying for.) Then make sure you plan your environment well to accommodate your new puppy. If you are juggling a new puppy with entertaining you will need somewhere safe and warm for your puppy when you can’t be watching them.

Early training is a huge advantage so book up well in advance for puppy classes in January.

If planned well a puppy for Christmas needn’t be a disaster. If you get one do get in touch! (I am all for pre-warning owners but once your puppy is home even if it hasn’t come from the best circumstances I will then be there to help!) Happy Holidays!!!

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I have been meaning to email you for ages to say how absolutely fantastic the classes you offer were. I have been scanning your website to see whether you were going to do the Bronze Kennel Club Award but nothing came up so I ended up doing it with a local club.... and shall I tell you something... your classes... your organisation.... the tasks you get the dogs to do.... your manner... not to mention other numerous qualities by far, and I mean by far supersedes what I have recently experienced. I honestly don't think I have learnt anything new in the last 8 weeks. Anyway Karen many thanks for everything you provided Tilly with in those sessions...they were just fab...thank you so much...please keep me informed should you be offering any other courses as I would be very interested.

Owner of Tilly a Chocolate Lab

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